School:  University of Ljubljana Faculty of Health Sciences

Category: Dessert, Mousse

Short description: Mousse-have is a line of vegan desserts, made out of chocolate mousse with aquafaba and fruit sauce.

The chocolate mousse is made from wastewater (aquafaba), made in the chickpea production process. Aquafaba is used as an egg white substitute, so our product is also suitable for vegans and people with egg protein allergies. The mousse is made in two versions: Mr. and Miss Mousse. Mr. Mousse contains chocolate aquafaba with a layer of blueberry sauce with added finely ground tigernuts. Miss Mousse contains coarsely ground tigernuts within the mousse, which adds a rich and crunchy taste. The blueberry sauce is replaced with a raspberry sauce with added finely ground tigernuts.
The leading idea behind the Mousse-have products is the use of chickpea production waste water also known as aquafaba, thereby exploiting the by-products and reducing the amount of waste water in the food production industry. Reducing the amount of waste water leads to a smaller environmental burden and contributes to a balanced ecosystem. Aquafaba is used as a substitute for egg whites, which means that the Mousse-have line is also suitable for vegans and people with egg allergies. The product is distinguished by its simple recipe and ingredients from local Slovenian companies. In addition to using natural and local ingredients, the specialty of the product is also its glass packaging. It gives the user the opportunity to reuse the packaging for personal use.