Organizers of National Competitions are invited to register for the ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2018 competition before 31st May 2018.

A maximum of 20 countries can participate: registrations will be accepted on a first-come first serve basis.

Below you will find some useful downloads:

Registration for the 2018 edition of ECOTROPHELIA Europe closes on May 31st 2018. The deadline for submission of all National Team's full applications is 15th July 2018.

The competition will take place on 21st and 22nd October 2018 during the SIAL PARIS exhibition at Paris Nord Villepinte (FR).

The results will be announced onsite during the awards ceremony on 22nd October 2018.

The main deadlines for this year:

At the latest 31st May: National Federation: letter of commitment & registration form (by email and post-mail) followed by bank transfer of registration fees.

At the latest 15th July: National Federation and National Team: on-line submission of the full application

At the latest 15thSeptember: National Team: at least five samples of the product packaging (by post-mail)

At the latest 1st October: National Team: on-line submission of the support of the oral presentation (ppt or other)

Detailed timetable of the presentations :


Registration is from 9am to 12am even for those teams who have their presentation the second day

13:45  GREECE

Delightfull gluten – free cookies made of organic chestnut flour with chocolate chips and inulin
University of Applied Sciences of Thessaly - TEI Thessaly

14:15  UNITED KINGDOM Pom Puffs
Available in Spicy BBQ and Salt and Vinegar Flavour, Pom Puffs are a delicious and nutritious snack.
University of Nottingham
14:45  FRANCE Hush
The first fruit beverage warm... healthy and greedy !
Université de Technologie de Compiègne
15:15  ROMANIA Whoopie Ice
A delicious eco-innovative ice cream made of concentrated whey with cream and local fruits.
Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
15:45 PAUSE
16:00  ICELAND Brewbar
BrewBar is a high energy granola bar which is made using the spent grains from beer brewing.
University of Iceland
16:30  BELGIUM Bizza
Bizza is a delicious healthy pizza dough produced with local spent grain, beer wort and beer yeast.
17:00  SERBIA Acornico
”Acornico” is a hot dessert drink with the addition of acorn (oak nut), intended for all categories of consumers.
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture
17:30  PORTUGAL Bean Ready
Bean Ready – A healthy ready-to-eat vegetarian bean stew, source of fiber and protein.
Faculty of Biotechnology - Catholic University, School of Economics and Management - Universidade do Minho
18:00  ITALY Spire
Spire is an innovative, savory extruded snack made by a blend of rice flour, pea flour and Spirulina
Università degli Studi di Milano



08:30  NETHERLANDS Panggies
Pancake premix with dried vegetable powder.
Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
09:00   LITHUANIA Buckwheat bar
Organic buckwheat bar is the best for children, hurrying people and vegan.
Kaunas University of Technology
09:30  CROATIA Flipsos
Extruded snack made out of corn, hemp and pumpkin seed press cakes, covered with yeast flakes.
Faculty of Food technology, University of Osijek
10:00  GERMANY Kof.co
Breakfast cookie with caffeine in terms of Guaraná and algae
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institut für Bio- und Lebensmitteltechnik
10:30 PAUSE
10:45  SLOVENIA Mousse-have
Mousse-have is a line of vegan desserts, made out of chocolate mousse with aquafaba and fruit sauce.
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Health Sciences
11:15  HUNGARY Brewbun
Our product is BrewBun and it's a specialty product with a higher dietary fiber and protein content.
Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
11:45  DENMARK Cheeseit!
Ingredient-mix in powder format that turns legumes by-product into a nut-based vegan cheese.
National Food Institute DTU Food
12:15  SPAIN Essenza di Vega
Essenza di Vega is a new integral fresh pasta, made from a set of novel flours and local fillings
Universidad Miguel Hernandez