Final event of the ECOTROFOOD project

The 17th and 18th of December, 2013 in Brussels will be held the final event of the ECOTROFOOD Project.

In two days, the key stakeholders of eco-innovation in the agri-food sector will meet each other, work together on issues of the industry, but also learn more about LCA, ECOTROFOOD project and all its key results, and about its guests, SUSFOOD and FOODMANUFUTURE. Companies will have the opportunity to find investors or innovative products and technologies, and all can take advantage of this to find partners to answer calls for proposals.

Download the brochure and agenda of the meeting: presentation of EcoTroFood and EcoTrophelia, success stories, media coverage, tools developed, communicational aspects

Download the leaflet of the event

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Venue: KVAB - Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts Academy Palace - Hertogsstraat 1 - 1000 Brussels



The European EcoTrophelia Matchmaking Service is a high quality, individually customised service for eco-innovative SMEs (SMEs with a market ready environmentally friendly technical solution or food product) within the food industry. The service focuses on eco-innovation in the sense that supported technological solutions or products shall decrease the environmental burden of the European Food industry, locally or European wide, by its implementation or use. All SMEs will go through a screening process, evaluating their eco-innovation with special emphasis on the expected environmental benefits that the implementation or use of their solution or product will bring. The European EcoTrophelia matchmaking service aims at saving time and effort, in addition to maximise the possibilities of suitable and lucrative matches for all involved parties, by offering individual and customised mediation between them. Benefits of participating:

  • Eco-SMEs: Eco-SMEs looking for finance or a market breakthrough will gain access to a Europe wide network of investors and large food industry companies, and will present their eco-innovation only to investors and/or first-users who already have expressed an interest in their product, saving them both time and efforts and, hence, money.
  • Investors: Investors looking for high quality investment opportunities in green tech or eco-products get access to numerous elite technological solutions and products aimed at decreasing the environmental burden while increasing the profitability within the food industry, choosing which companies they want to meet on a one-to-one basis.
  • First-users: Food industry companies looking to decrease the environmental burden of their processing or expanding their product range with an “eco-“product will be presented with SMEs offering solutions fitting their companies current endeavours or stated new interest areas, also choosing which companies they want to meet on a one-to-one basis.

The networking event is a joint event between SUSFOOD and ECOTROFOOD. It will make researchers and industrials work together to reach two main aims. Firstly, define the issues food industrials (and more specifically SMEs) are facing, find solutions realistic for researchers and organise them on a roadmap. This could give ideas for new projects or work programmes. Secondly, allow the participants to find partners to build consortium in order to answer Susfood 2nd call or Horizon 2020 calls for proposal. More generally, this event will provide opportunities to widen networks and find the expertise someone could use. These aims will be achieved thanks to four working groups leaded by European experts: Critt PACA (Critt of Provence-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur), Enea (Italian Agency for new technologies and energies), SIK (Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology) and NTUA (University of Athens), and focused on the main aspects of the impact of industry on environment:

  • Water saving
  • Energy saving
  • Waste reduction
  • Environmental impact of packaging

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Consumers’ behavior is changing in favor of healthy product and fair trade products. Environmental aspects also began to be an argument for the choice of products. The environmental performance evaluation is often conducted using the life cycle assessment methodology (LCA). LCA is a technique for quantifying the impacts of a product at each stage from resource extraction through to distribution and use and up to end-of-life disposal — an approach popularly dubbed “cradle-to-grave”. LCA thus yields a fully exhaustive, multicriteria analysis of the environmental impacts of a product or process throughout its life-cycle. During the conference, the followings points will be presented :

  • Principles of the LCA
  • Benefits and limits of a LCA
  • LCA applied to food products

A case study of an ECOTROPHELIA product will be done with CRICKIZZ, a popped insect snack ! CRICKIZZ project is now supported by the company Ynsect. The environmental data for the production of CRIKIZZ will be presented and compared to similar products on the market. Speakers : Alexis ANGOT, YNSECT and Laureen BADY, ITERG

ECOTROFOOD Online Tool aims to provide food innovation entrepreneurs business & venture capital guidance, assessment docs and information. What does it offer? A business plan guidance, a business and venture capital glossary, SMEs fundraising, finance and accounting documents and updated links to Main Venture Capital News, Food & Drink Innovation News, Financial News related to Food Industry and Main World Eco-innovative meetings. Link to the web : Next week we will have the domain Twitter account: @EcoTroFoodTool

The ECOTROPHELIA Circle will be launched on the 17th. This club will gather the organizers of the national competitions, to share good practices and prepare to future competitions.

The Meeting “Results of ECOTROFOOD” will give all the main results of the CIP ECOTROFOOD and present all the tools developed during the project on the 18th. Three years of interesting work will be summarized.  

Download the leaflet and agenda of the meeting

Venue: KVAB - Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts Academy Palace - Hertogsstraat 1 - 1000 Brussels.