University:  Saratov State Vavilov Agrarian University

Category: Meat product

Short description: Uncooked air-dried meat appetizers superfine, enriched with essential trace elements in organic form

Jerky «SIBIRSKIE» are balanced in amino acid and fatty acid composition, have a low cholesterol content. They are a source of biologically valuable proteins, vitamins of group B, E, PP, pantothenic, para-aminobenzoic, folic acids, choline and are focused on metabolic processes that are appropriate for people with increased physical activity that are in extreme situations.

* The work was carried out on the basis OF Saratov state agrarian University. N. And. Vavilov in the framework of the grant of the Russian Science Foundation 19-76-10013 the Development and introduction of technologies of production and storage of environmentally friendly lamb, enriched with essential micronutrients.