2 - ICELAND - Frosti

University  University of Iceland

Category: Milk product

Short description: Organic lactose-free Icelandic skyr flakes - Viking food with an innovative twist!

Are you a health conscious consumer? A food lover? Or Both? Try Frosti. Frosti is a remarkable diary product unique to Iceland. A delicious vanilla flavored product with shelf life up to years and no requriments for refrigiration. Therefore Frosti is a great choice for people going camping or even to Mars. Frosti is high in protein, naturally fat-free with smooth texture and last but not least with a great taste! What makes Frosti so remarkable? Its organic, freeze dried, rich with probiotics, lactose free and includes nutrient rich blue pigment derived from Icelandic spirulina. Frosti contains the orginal Icelandic skyr cultures from Icelandic dairies, and its made according to the orginal Icelandic recipe that the vikings ate 1100 years ago. When orginal Skyr is freeze dried it turns into flakes. When skyr is freeze dried it becomes more stable, capable of being stored without refrigation, and for long periods of time without adding any preservatives. It also makes it 80% lighter and much cheaper to export. The only thing you need to do is add water to the flakes and blend it together and then you have the famous smooth and tasty Icelandic skyr. You can also add Frosti to your daily smoothie for proteins and nutrient boost.


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