SEVT represents the Greek Food & Drink Industry on national, European and international level. It consists of food and drink companies and sector associations.

Its mission is to facilitate the development of a friendly enabling business environment where all food & drink companies can operate responsibly towards a sustainable growth.

The main priorities of SEVT include food safety & quality, nutrition & health, consumers’ trust, competitiveness, research & development, innovation & environmental sustainability.

Combining the Greek food sector heritage with innovation for the future, SEVT and its members aim to strengthen the industry’s competitive advantage in satisfying consumers’ needs by producing safe, affordable, healthy & sustainable products.

In this context SEVT is organizing ECOTROPHELIA since 2011, as it is an excellent opportunity to promote innovative ideas of the young generation, reveal the high level of Greek Scientists & bring closer Industry & Academia.




Address : 340 Kiffisias Avenue - 15451 Athens - GREECE

Phone : +302 106 711 177

web site :

Contact Person : Dr. Fotini SALTA, Techno-Scientific Consultant